Preamble :

Société des Avis Garantis (hereinafter the “Service Provider”), is a French SAS with a capital of 10 000€, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 832 987 630, and which head office is located at 24 rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris.

The Service Provider is providing a platform designed for customer reviews management and which trade name is “Guaranteed Reviews Company”, accessible at the address (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”).

The technical functioning of this Platform guarantees, including to merchants using it and to internet users visiting it, that the published reviews have been written by consumers who completed a commercial transaction with the merchants involved.


Article 1 – Object :

This document aims at providing internet users with a clear and transparent piece of information regarding the Platform’s functioning.


Article 2 – General operating principle :

The Guaranteed Reviews Company collects and publishes customer reviews of merchants who have agreed to its Terms and Conditions of Sale. To this end, it provides merchants with a programming interface allowing merchants to benefit from the good functioning of the Platform.


Article 3 – Distinction between “website reviews” and “product reviews” :

A website review concerns the commercial website and the shopping experience related to this website.

A product review concerns a purchased product (its features, quality, usefulness…).


Article 4 – Notion of guaranteed reviews :

The reviews are recognized as being “guaranteed” for the only people who can be invited to write a review are the persons having placed an order beforehand on the website of the merchants benefiting from the Guaranteed Reviews Company solution. Internet users must be aware that certain limits are to be taken into consideration. Article 5


Article 5 – Limits regarding the authenticity of reviews :

In order to allow merchants not to loose their customer reviews when migrating from a solution to another, the Guaranteed Reviews Company offers the possibility to import previously collected reviews. In this case, the merchant engages its responsibility regarding the authenticity of the reviews. The same applies when the  merchant send a review submission request manually from its management interface (however, he must inform a last name, name, email address and an authentic order number).

In the event of perceived abuses, the Guaranteed Reviews Company allows itself to terminate the contract as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Sale the merchants has agreed to.


Article 6 – Review submission :

When submitting a review, the internet user agrees to the Guaranteed Reviews Company using its review and publishes it, both on its own website and on the website of the merchant concerned by the review.

The data openly published is the following :

  • First name, last name’s first letter
  • Rating assigned and review written by the Internet user
  • All dates regarding the review : order date, review submission date, updates

For processing and technical operating matters, the following personal data is kept confidential :

  • Last name
  • List of purchased products
  • Email address
  • Number and reference of order

Access to this personal data is restricted to the following services and persons only :

  • Guaranteed Reviews Company technical service
  • Guaranteed Reviews Company commercial service
  • Merchant concerned

Access to this personal data is secure and encrypted according to the https protocol.

Reviews may not be published when they are considered as being abusive. Article 7

In compliance with the Data Protection Act, the internet user have a right to modify and remove its review as soon as he requests it.


Article 7 – Review moderation

Reviews can be moderated prior or after their publication and according to the features set by the merchant.

The percentage of regulated reviews from a merchant cannot exceed 5% of the total collected reviews, with a  tolerance threshold of 1 review.

Regardless of the operating mode, the approval statistics, pending reviews and abusive reviews concerning the merchants’ website are displayed on the merchant’s Trust certificate page in the ‘Transparency index” section. Article 8

Here is a list of motives likely to lead to the identification of a review as “abusive”,  therefore resulting in a non-publication :

  • Contains insults
  • Concerns a shopping experience that was never finalized
  • Contains personal data/information
  • Concerns a product instead of the shopping experience
  • Concerns the shopping experience instead of the product
  • Contains slanderous comments
  • Is irrelevant
  • Contains elements of a conflict of interest
  • Corresponds to a different product than that ordered
  • Potentially misleading to Internet users
  • Rate inconsistent with the comments


Article 8 – Transparency index :

The transparency index displayed on the merchant’s trust certificate allows Internet users to have a clear and precise piece of information concerning the way the merchant involved manages its reviews. No removed review can be hidden to Internet users thanks to this functionality.

Reviews concerning the merchant’s website can only be stated as one of the following :

  • Approved reviews : defines the number of reviews concerning the merchant’s website that have been approved from the start.
  • Pending reviews : defines the number of reviews concerning the merchant’s website that are awaiting validation from the merchant.
  • Reviews reported as abusive : defines the number of reviews concerning the merchant’s website that have been reported by an internet user or the merchant as not respecting the motives defined in Article 7.


Article 9 : Merchant data on the trust certificate

The information concerning the merchant, available in the paragraph in question of the trust certificate, is public data. That information is identified as “Verified” for it is provided either by the merchant or the Guaranteed Reviews Company. In the event of inconsistency or misinformation, the Guaranteed Reviews Company reserves the right to delete the information in question.


Article 10 – Access rights, right of rectification, portability rights, withdrawal of consent

Any request concerning access rights, right of rectification, portability rights, withdrawal of consent must be made with the Guaranteed Reviews Company’s DPO, which contact details are the following :

Nicolas DUVAL
24 Rue de Clichy
75009 PARIS

or through the website contact form at this address :